Updated VLC 2.0-RC1 builds for Mac

Due to packaging errors, the builds for Intel did not perform as described in the last post. They do so now. Thus, the crashes on Snow Leopard when using the 64bit build and on Leopard when using the 32bit build are gone.

The downloads are still located at the same place. (link withdrawn due to actual release)

Happy testing!

VLC 2.0-RC1 for Mac

VLC 2.0 reached the Release Candidate milestone. RC1 builds for Mac are available here (links withdrawn due to actual release).

Please note the following:

You use Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 on a Core2Duo, Xeon or Intel i3/i5/i7? Get the “intel64” binary.

You still use Mac OS X 10.5 on Intel or a CoreDuo CPU (first Intel-based machines introduced by Apple a few years ago)? Get the “intel32” binary.

You want to use VLC on a PowerPC-based Mac? Get the “powerpc” binary.

The “intel32” binary will also run on Mac OS X 10.7, but you’ll miss a few features, so be sure to get the “intel64” package.

Of course, the actual release will handle this selection automatically for the non-tech savvy users.

To have a look at the changes and new features, check this list!

Please also note that the execution of VLC 2.0 on so-called Hackintosh devices and within virtualized Mac OS X installations will likely fail due the lack of hardware graphics acceleration (called “Quartz Extreme”).

Enjoy this preview release and feel free to file bugs or regressions in the comments or on our bug tracker. There are a few known issues left. Prior to reporting, please check this list.