About me / Impressum

This is Felix Paul Kühne. I’m working on VLC for the Mac for more than 10 years. I started contributing to VideoLAN during the dark and frosty winter of early 2003 as a contrast to school and punk concerts.
Since late 2010, I’m the lead developer of VLC media player’s ports to OS X. In early 2013, I followed the countless requests of re-writing VLC for iOS so I’m leading that as well.

In real life, I’m a final year student of Human Medicine. In addition to the regular curiculum, I’m currently working on my doctoral thesis on a Medical Informatics related subject.

I’m often present at various free and open-source software events throughout the world (this led me to the US, Belgium, and France quite a few times besides Brazil, Australia, Estonia, Spain, …) as well as the typical social media and fruit company gatherings.

While working full-time in a hospital in the north of Germany, I’m usually available for contracting to work on iOS and OS X related multi-media things.

You can reach me using $mynick @videolan.org or by just dropping a note here or on Twitter.

Oh, and I got a wish list.

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